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Our Story began, as many companies do, with a need. I needed some golf club head covers that wouldn't take up so much space in my bag. At the time I carried 5 woods, and you can imagine what my bag looked like with 5 big furry head covers jammed in it.

To my surprise, my search was long and difficult. The only option I found were knitted headcovers. Very nice, but at $25 a pop, they were out of my league. Not to mention, I cringed when I thought about a little rain on my $100+ investment. I had about given up when an issue of PGA Tour Partners Magazine showed up at my door, and lo and behold, in the product testing section lay my answer. A brand new head cover made of neoprene and custom sized for my different woods- specifically designed, the magazine said, to take up less space in a golf bag! Eureka!

Well, those of you old enough to remember the Norelco man ("I loved it so much I bought the company") might think I did just that. But, the ladies that conceived, designed, patented, and manufactured CoverUpz head covers knew they were on to something big and weren't about to let it go. But I loved the product so much, I had to get involved in some way. Fortunately, the founders of Gotcha Covered! were kind enough to let me handle the e-commerce side of CoverUpz, and in 1999 was born. Which brings us to the end of chapter one, and if you have read this far, you might as well read on...

It wasn't long until began to produce some fairly impressive results. The response to the product was overwhelmingly positive and word began to spread around friends and foursomes. During my relationship with Gotcha Covered! I learned about the struggle of pushing golf products through to the big golf retailers. The Golfsmiths, GolfUSAs, and Edwin Watts of the world seem to have little interest in products that don't already have tens of thousands of marketing dollars "pulling" them through the shelves. To them it is simple. What is a golf store without Titleist? Vs. What is a golf store without CoverUpz head covers? Understandable for them, as shelf space is at a premium. But who really loses? We, the golfers, in my opinion.

It wasn't long until I began to wonder... were there other companies like Gotcha Covered? Were there companies with amazing products that weren't getting proper exposure because they didn't have tens of thousands of marketing dollars? In 2001 we set off to the granddaddy golf show of them all, the PGA trade show in Orlando Florida, to find the answer. It surprised even me. There were HUNDREDS of golf products at the show that I had NEVER seen or heard of (some for very good reason!) Many of them I felt were truly useful, and I thought it was a shame that I had never had the opportunity to experience them. Marketing products like these became our mission as we launched - Innovative Golf Products You Can Use.

In 2004, things came full circle for Innovagolf. We aquired the head cover division of Gotcha Covered! and now manufacture CoverUpz, which we believe to be the finest quality golf head cover on the market. So, yes, now I can say that "I loved them so much, I bought the company!" In addition, we have helped launch countless products into the marketplace, and are proud to now represent over 200 unique and useful golf products. And, if you make or know of one we don't offer, we want to hear about it!

We hope you enjoy our store. We are proud of the results of years of hard work. A small part-time hobby had grown into a full time career thanks to a loving God, a supportive family, many wonderful customers, and some great companies that make some great products. Thanks for finding us...we hope you will come back!

If you have a golf product you would like to market, let us know by email. We would be grateful to take a look!

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