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Golf Head Cover Buyers Guide

It might sound trivial to write a buyers guide for head covers, but with hundreds of styles made from dozens of different materials, it can turn what should be an ordinary purchase into a daunting task- particularly if you are shopping for a gift.

Golfers buy head covers for three reasons- club protection, to make a statement, or a combination of both. Whether you are buying for yourself, or someone on your list, it is important to determine which of these three categories apply.

We designed CoverUpz Headcovers to fit the first category, protection. We set out to provide the protection in the most efficient and cost effective way. It is why we chose Neoprene as our key material. It is an excellent choice for head covers, because provides a great deal of protection with a relatively thin skin, is very lightweight, durable and weather resistant. With Neoprene, we can also easily customize the size and shape of the covers, instead of taking the one size fits all approach. Naturally, we are partial to CoverUpz, since we make them, but Stealth brand head covers are in the same category, and deserve a look. They use a different grade of Neoprene, but still provide good protection, while taking up very little space in your bag, just like CoverUpz.

Both CoverUpz and Stealth, however donít fit into the Ďmake a statement categoryí In fact, both are intentionally understated. So, if you looking to say, or show something, whether it is your favorite school, team, animal, profession, hobby or sport, there is a head cover out there to fit your personality. Almost anything you can imagine has been made into a golf club head cover from Aardvarks to Zebras, A&M to Xavier (z school anyone?), and Architect to Zoologist. There is even a plumber complete with a crack. The point is, if you arenít opposed to drawing some attention to your golf bag, it can be fun to pick a head cover that have people talking. The drawback of these types of covers is that they tend to be bulky, and sometimes unwieldy. And, since they are usually made materials that arenít weather proof, and can be hard to clean, you will want to leave them at home on rainy, or muddy days.

The bottom line is that with $1000 sets of irons, and $200-400 drivers and specialty clubs, investing in a head cover to protect them is vital. Head covers help to maintain the value, look, and performance of your clubs. Most head covers will easily pay for themselves by preventing scratches and digs that sharply devalue you clubs for trade in. If you are shopping for a gift, consider first the personality type you are shopping for. If they are outgoing, demonstrative, life-of-the-party type, don't be afraid to jump out there and get something fun, or reflects their interests or passions. If they are more reserved, straight-laced types, consider the CoverUpz or Stealth to protect their investment. Either way, you will be giving a gift that is practical, and appreciated!

Motorized Golf Cart Buyers Guide

For starters, we have brought together a range of brands and styles of carts that we have a high degree of confidence in for overall value. Each of the carts feature in our store must meet our demands for quality, dependability, and each must be backed by a written warranty. Each manufacturer or distributor must be easy to contact, and readily available should any service or warranty issues arise. After all, what good is a warranty if there is no one to honor it? Secondly, and perhaps just as important make sure you are buying from a factory authorized retailer. Not only do you have to be careful to avoid knock-offs, or stolen units (which are surprisingly common) but manufacturer warranties can be voided if the cart is purchased from a dealer not authorized to sell it. How can you find out if a dealer is authorized? We recommend contacting the manufacturer and simply asking them if a particular dealer is an authorized retailer. If you caní t reach a particular cart manufacturer (or distributor) by phone, mark that cart off your list. It is a bad sign. Innovagolf is an authorized retailer of every product we offer, including golf carts.

Okay...with that out of the way, there are still a lot of choices, over a wide range of prices. I believe the single most important question to answer is "How often do you expect to use your golf cart?" If you are an occasional golfer, or expect to use your cart only every-once-in-a-while, your needs are different from someone who "plays nearly every day." Golf carts are much like vehicles in that a round of golf is wear and tear, just as miles are to a car. A Kia is a fine vehicle, and great to run around town in. But if you are a salesman who drives 30,000 miles a year, you might be better off in the long run with a Toyota, even though it will cost you more up front. Our loose rule of thumb is that if you believe you will use your power cart more than once a week on average, then consider a mid-priced brand like Moto-Caddy or Powakaddy. These probably have the lowest cost per round of any golf cart on the market, as well has a better "expected reliability". If you walk only a few times a month, or just occasionally when the mood hits you, then a Bat Caddy or Cart-Tek will serve you well. Also consider the terrain of the courses you play the most. Are they smooth and level? Or, is there a lot of elevation change, or rough rocky terrain to drive over. A 30 pound golf bag with a 15 pound battery is a tough load to bear when the terrain is bumpy. Less expensive caddies are made with lower cost materials and that will translate into weaker frames.

Next we recommend that you take a look at features, and decide what will suit you best. The two primary categories of motorized golf carts are fully remote, and. power assisted. Fully remote carts have their advantages, but they are also heavier than their Power Assisted counterparts, due to dual motors and the heavier batteries needed to run them. So, is weight more important to you than remote function? Is ease of deployment and packing away a vital attribute? Some units can fold in a few seconds with the battery on board. Others take a bit longer, and you have to remove the battery. How important is weight? Typically, the more expensive a cart, the less it weighs. But consider this: A typical full sized, fully loaded golf bag is 30 pounds. All of the carts we carry have frames and batteries that are less than that individually. So, if you can lift your golf bag, you can lift a cart frame and battery when separated with ease. If you drive a small car, the folded size might be a vital spec, but if you roll in an SUV or truck, do a few cubic inches really matter?

Finally, once you have decided on a price/quality range, and major features, study some of the "bells and whistles" of competing carts. Some Power Assisted carts like the MotoCaddy S3 Digital have an Electronic Distance Function, allowing you to send the cart up ahead of you to stop automatically. Still others come complete with accessory packages to hold your drink, umbrella, scorecard and more like the Bat Caddy Models.

The bottom line is that power golf carts are a lot like a lot of other products. You will typically get what you pay for. That doesn't mean that a $400 golf cart is a bad choice, or that a $2500 cart is necessary for you. It just means that more than likely there is a fit for your needs, and it is our job to help you find it. Remember, we are here to help! Email us a, or call us at 1-888-667-0553 anytime you have any questions!

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